Gecko Special Coatings - Safety Flooring, Non-Slip Floors and Slip-Resistant Floors

Decorative Safety Floors 

For a seamless, smooth & exclusive feature floors

Introducing a new polymeric floor finish that is seamless, durable to medium-heavy traffic with aesthetic finish.

Gecko architectural floor finishes create an exclusive minimalist look to a room, hiding imperfections on concrete floors. The finish is flat, glossy and smooth. Easy to maintain and easy to clean.



  • Many different finishes are available, only limited to one's imagination.
  • Seamless
  • Easy to clean, easy to maintain 
  • Suitable for high foot traffic
  • Environmentally friendly product


Suitable For: 

  • Boutique floor
  • Office floor
  • Hairdresser floor
  • House floor
  • Cafe/Restaurant floor
  • Shop floor
  • Florist floor
  • Vet, Medical clinic floor
Hairdresser floor
Hairdresser floor
Apartment Floor
Apartment Floor

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