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Gecko Epoxy Floor for a more hygienic floor solution in kitchens

Recently we have numerous projects and requests to convert commercial kitchen floors that were covered with Vinyl into Epoxy Floor finish. This is simply because owners find Vinyl surfaces not suitable with kitchen operation where oil, water and cleaning chemicals present almost constantly. Eventhough the surface may look clean, oil, water and dirt build up underneath the vinyl which is impossible to clean and hence collect bacteria and insect nests.

With Gecko Epoxy Floor, kitchen floors become more hygienic as there is no space or grout for any bacteria to build up. With Gecko Epoxy Floor, kitchen floors become safer as it can be made to non-slip surfaces. Lastly, with Gecko Epoxy Floor, kitchen floor can be cleaned more easily with its wall-to-drain fall.

Enquire today with our friendly team on how we can help with your kitchen floor problem.

Project Example:

Dome Coffee kitchen Floor

Vinyl 1    Epoxy Floor Kitchen

Before                                                                                  Before                                                              After

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