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Polyurethane Coating

Rustfix 435

Description: GECKO RustFix 435 is a one-pack moisture-cure polyurethane primer, designed for the control and maintenance of surface corrosion on metal surfaces. It is highly effective as an impregnating primer, able to pacify and bind residual rust after power-tool cleaning such as needle‑gunning, grinding, wire-brushing etc.

Application: For the maintenance of any rusted steel structures.

Pack sizes: 2L, 5L, 10L

Graffiti-Free Primer 206

Description: GECKO Grafitti-Free Primer 206 prevents GRAFFITI-FREE Top Coat from soaking into porous substrates which would otherwise darken and also cause a reduced coverage rate. When used by itself, GRAFFITI-FREE Primer provides a sacrificial anti-graffiti protection to masonry structures.

Application: suitable for use on concrete, brick, limestone, masonry structues

Pack sizes: 10L, 20L

2K GeckoGuard® Top Coat 460

Description: 2K GeckoGuard® Top Coat 460 is a solvent-based 2-pack UV- resistant polyurethane system suitable to be used as concrete, brick, metal and masonry block coating. It has high durability, weathering and chemical resistance, aiding to its suitability in the most demanding environment.

Application: Mechanical workshops & factory floors, driveways, line markings, other concrete and masonry structures, indoor & outdoor [balconies], BBQ areas, external coating for pipes, tanks and other steel structures.

Pack sizes: 4.5L, 9L, 18L.

2K Graffiti-Free Top Coat 450

Description: 2K Graffiti-Free Top Coat 450 is a solvent-based 2-pack polyurethane system to be used as concrete, brick and masonry block durable sealer. It also acts as a non-sacrificial graffiti protector whereby using a commercially available graffiti cleaner, 2K Graffiti-Free Top Coat can stand 5 – 10 cleaning cycles before recoating of 2K Graffiti-Free Top Coat is required. Available in gloss or matte.

Application: Concrete and masonry structures, Vinyl / metal signages

Pack sizes: 4L, 9L, 18L.

Polyseal Primer 430

Description: Polyseal Primer 430 is a single pack solvent based polyurethane polymer flooring material designed to economically prime and seal for protecting interior concrete surfaces from process chemicals and light-medium wear traffic. It withstands forklift and other heavy machinery movement and its outstanding abrasion resistance makes PolySeal Primer 430 also suitable for pedestrian and rubber-tyred vehicle traffic applications. PolySeal Primer 430 is not UV resistant (will remain strong but will yellow); for outdoor applications it is therefore recommended that a topcoat of coloured 2K GeckoGuard® is applied.

Application: Warehouse, factory floors, garages, mechanical workshops, passages.

Pack sizes: 5L, 20L

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