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Our History & Capability


Gecko's Research & Development programme was established at the outset, in 1989, by the company's founder, Graeme Major. 

Through his skills in industrial chemistry, he formulated a process to repair the decking on a fleet of livestock vessels and through the success of this operation, won the contract to cover 43,000sqm of deck areas with its top slip-resistant coatings on the largest livestock ship in the world. Since that time Gecko has become a specified coating supplier for several livestock shipping companies based over a wide geographic area. 

Gecko Special Coatings subsequently developed a full range of safety flooring systems for industrial applications, plus additional innovations to provide concrete repair systemsanti-graffiti coatings and chemical resistant coatings. 

Gecko is now a leading seamless flooring company in Australia. 

Gecko's R&D achievements have been noted across the industry, including its most popular innovations, a system which applies a seamless floor surface over a damaged tiled floor area, creating a fresh, seamless, tough and safe floor over the top. 


Why are Gecko's products tougher, stronger and lasts longer? 

  • The company's ethos is based on Quality
  • Gecko's products have been formulated to the highest specifications
  • All products are manufactured in WA under supervision
  • There is no cost-cutting in the production process to augment profits. 



Our products are tailor-made to meet the needs of specific markets


They have been field tested to prove they stand the test of time in the harshest environemtns


We have developed products with exceptional bonding properties. They adhere to most building materials, making the suitable for heavy traffic and large loading. Gecko has products capable of adhering firmly to substrates and preventing slipping on most surfaces, including the most slippery of all such as glazed tiles. 


We have products which bond tenaciously to the widest range of substrates and which minimise the chances of slipping under the widest range of circumstances, including wet, greasy or oily surfaces. 


The epoxy products have superior flexibility unlike comparable products, making the suitable for substrates that flex such as steel decks. 


Our range of polyurethanes, are high in solids, delivering high performance and colour stability


Gecko's focus is on quality and performance


Our products can meet the most stringent safety & hygiene requirements and provide protection for valuable assets from corrosion and wear deterioration. 


Gecko Philosophy


Why has 'Gecko' been chosen as the company brand name? The reason is that Gecko products have the ability to adhere firmly to substrates and to prevent feet (and hooves) slipping on most surfaces, including the most slippery ones such as glass. The primary objectives of the company are to develop and market products which bond tenaciously to the widest range of substrates and which minimise the chances of slipping under the widest range of circumstances, whether that be on wet, grasy or oily surfaces. 

Although some other species are common elsewhere, the geckos native to Australia are adapted to withstand the harshest of environments and extremes of weather. This makes 'Gecko' an ideal symbol to represent the quality features of our products.

Epoxy Polyurethane Solutions

Gecko Special Coatings Provides Solution for:

Our Services

  • Flooring needs consultation
  • Technical Specification
  • Product training
  • Product manufacturing & logistics
  • Tailor-made requests
  • On-site supervising
  • Lab testing on request

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